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In today's world, media standards are higher than ever before, and whether you use your video for advertising, teaching, or entertaining, you need to make sure that the finished product is polished and professional. Utilizing only the latest in HD SLR technology, our studio is able to deliver projects that mimic the look of motion picture film, but without the exorbitant costs normally incurred.  

Once the initial production is completed, our experienced editor will utilize not only sophisticated software and hardware, but more importantly he will pay close attention to detail and sensitivity to your subject. Even basic video footage can be edited to captivate your audience when done right. The ability to create intriguing Graphics, Titles, Special Effects, using timeline flexibility and a good eye is what makes Firelight Digital perfect for so many different projects.
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Our services and experience span the entire spectrum of pre and post production.   


  • Web and TV commercial production

  • ​Editing and audio design

  • Photography including business headshots and event coverage.

  • Product demos and how-to videos 

  • Kickstarter Adds

  • Aerial drone videography and photography.

  • Conference and seminar coverage 

  • Live event coverage

  • DVD/Blu-ray duplications

  • ​Legal Depositons

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