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S e r v i c e s

Our services
and experience
span the entire spectrum of
pre and post production.

Today, media standards are higher than ever before, and attention spans are at their lowest. That’s why your message needs to grip your audience right away, and nothing captivates attention quicker than video.

Whether advertising, teaching, or entertaining, you need to ensure that your video is polished, professional and engaging. 

That's where we come in.

Utilizing the latest HD SLR technology, our studio is able to deliver cutting-edge videos, without the exorbitant costs normally incurred by our competitors.

Once the initial production is completed, our editors will pay close attention to detail and sensitivity to your subject, while utilizing sophisticated software in post-production to craft your video to its completion.

Firelight - CP and CS_edited_edited_edit
Bromag 2_edited.jpg

Production Services

  • Web and TV commercial production

  • Social Media campaign content

  • Aerial drone cinematography

  • Product demos and how-to videos

  • Time-lapse videos & PSA's

  • Kickstarter/Go Fund Me ads 

  • Training & trade show videos

  • ​Legal depositions

  • Real estate (virtual & drone tours)

  • Testimonials & interviews

  • Photography

  • Live event coverage of concerts, conferences, seminars & more!


           Post-Production Services

  • Editing

  • Audio design & editing

  • Voiceover 

  • After Effects & animation

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